Why You Should order Chile Rellenos Immediately

Why You Should order Chile Rellenos Immediately

There are so many people who have become so enamored with traditional Tex-Mex cuisine today and while many will focus on the classics such as tacos and enchiladas, if there is one item that should be making it on your Mexican cuisine must-list: chile rellenos. If you haven’t heard of this flavorful dish yet, or if you have never tried it, then quickly head to your closest Mexican restaurant and order them immediately. If you aren’t convinced by this simple suggestion, here is some background on chile rellenos that will help encourage you to get out and discover this delightful dish.

What Are Chile Rellenos?

Chile Rellenos is a Mexican dish that is made with stuffed, fresh poblano peppers and then roasted. This is the traditional way to make Chile Rellenos as poblano peppers are named after the city of Puebla where the dish first originated. However, in some more modern establishments, you may find this dish made with Anaheim, hatch chile, pasilla or jalapeno peppers instead.

As for the stuffing, that typically includes melted cheese, as well as some type of pork, nuts or even raisins. The chile is then covered in a batter and fried or roasted. These chiles are typically served as an appetizer to share and come with a red or green chile sauce for dipping. You can also sometimes get a larger portion of these chiles along with a traditional side dish.

Of course, depending on the establishment, you may see different variations of the dish, depending on the chef. 

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Tips For Ordering the Best Chile Rellenos

Now that you know what chile rellenos are, it is time to get out there and order them. The first rule of thumb when it comes to ordering this dish is that the more authentic of the restaurant you can find, the better. Typically, these are the resturants that are going to know how to make this dish right. However, that’s not to say that you can’t find a more modern establishment that takes their own swing at chile rellenos.

When placing your order, pay close attention to what the filling is in your chiles and what cheese they use. This can completely change the flavor of your chiles, especially if you aren’t prepared to handle the mixture it comes in. Cheeses such as Chihuahua, cheddar and pepper jack cheese are all common options.

It is also important to pay close attention to the filling. This is where an individual chef can really make a difference with chile rellenos. Traditionally, the peppers are filled with some type of diced pork or a mixture of tomatoes, onions or even other types of chiles. Vegetarians should be aware that most “classic” chile rellenos are going to have pork or meat in them.

There are also sweet versions of chile rellenos that are filled with raisins. Adding sweet nuts or fruits is a more modern take on the dish, and you may find anything from dates to pecans mixed in with these chiles. Be clear on the filling before you order as this can drastically change the taste you get with your chiles.

Try it More Than Once

One of the best things about chile rellenos is that there is so much room for change from dish to dish. Think about it, just because you’ve tried one taco at one establishment it doesn’t mean that you’re never going to need to try a taco again.

Different chiles are going to have different flavors, come with different sauces and even have different consistencies. Some may be light and fluffy while others may be more crispy, depending on the batter. So, once you’ve found one order of this spicy Mexican dish, make sure that you keep going and try even more versions of chiles rellenos, we know you will be happy you did!

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