Your Guide to Kid Friendly Mexican Cuisine

Your Guide to Kid Friendly Mexican Cuisine

As most parents know, sometimes going out to eat with kids is a big undertaking and one that can make ordering dinner very stressful. Most kids are picky eaters to say the least, so finding something that they will not only consume, but enjoy can sometimes be a challenge.

If you are planning on taking the family out to eat for Mexican, then finding kid-friendly options may be easier than you think, if you just know how to order. No matter what type of eater your child may be, there are some options to consider if you want to find a meal that is filling, enjoyable and kid-friendly.

The Messy Eater

For many kids, particularly younger kids, eating can be difficult, especially when it comes to keeping the food in their mouths or on their plate. Most parents have experienced the stress that comes with having a messy eater. It seems as though the moment you take your eyes off of them, they have food all over their face, clothes, the table and sometimes other diners.

If you have a messy eater, consider taquitos. They are filled with chicken, veggies and other meats and come lightly fried in a convenient, hand-held serving that won’t cause a mess. This is a great option for young eaters who may insist on feeding themselves, but who mostly chew and slobber on their food.


The Adventurous Eater

Not all kids are set on the familiar, there are plenty of little ones that make it a point to want to try something new and exciting. After all, most kids are pretty imaginative, why can’t their imaginations seep into their eating habits as well.

If you have the adventurous eater at your table, consider introducing them to guacamole. Guacamole isn’t only fun for the adventurous eater because of the bold green color, but it is actually pretty good for you as well. Made with veggies and the superfood avocado, guacamole isn’t only something that can be fun to eat, but healthy as well.

The Plain Jane Eater

If you have a “Plain Jane” eater on your hands, finding something that they will enjoy can sometimes be a challenge, even at a Mexican restaurant. If you are struggling to find something for this type of picky eater, consider a rice bowl. It is hard to mess up brown rice and plain meat and you can typically ask for no seasoning on it.  It doesn’t get more plain than that.

The Copy-Cat Eater

If you have a kid who likes to eat whatever mom and dad are eating, then tacos are the way to go. This is a great option for the “Copy Cat” eater as you can easily order a taco that they will like and one that you will like as well. They both look the same, but most kids won’t have any idea that your fillings are different.


The ‘No-Meat’ Eater 

For some reason, there are many kids that go through a “no meat” phase. It is a common challenge that can be a headache for many parents, especially if you also have a child that has decided they don’t like healthy vegetables either. The good news is, there is a Mexican dish that can solve this problem.

If this is the type of eater at your table, consider a plain cheese quesadilla. You can get them filled with plain cheese, or veggies and they come in an easy-to-eat package that even most messy eaters can’t screw up, which is an added bonus if your little one also falls under the messy eater category.

Keep these tips in mind next time you are enjoying some Mexican cuisine with the whole family. Little tricks like this can help you make sure your kids get a filling meal, no matter what type of eater they may be.