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Brian Massie

Heading south of the border never seemed so easy! Libre Mexicana Cantina, a new lively restaurant from Clique Hospitality, is set to bring zesty traditional Mexican dishes with a modern flair to Red Rock Resort and Casino. Helmed by acclaimed chef Brian Massie, cuisine will incorporate everything that’s loved about Mexican food, including fresh ingredients, herbs and spices and bold flavors.

With a plate for every palate, the menu will boast authentic tried-and-true dishes, but will also include Street Corn Fritters and Shrimp Dynamite Tacos for the adventurous eaters. Libre will also feature healthier choices, such as Brown Rice Bowls and delectable vegan and gluten-free options for the señors and señoritas who prefer lighter fare.

The full bar, as should be the case, will offer varying Mexican cervezas, as well as a cache of tequilas sure to perfect any margarita.

With its Las Vegas locals-friendly location, Libre will include a vibrant atmosphere and the impeccable service that Clique is known for — That, and the whole enchilada.

Brian Massie

Executive Chef

A New Yorker by birth and by heart, Brian Massie’s rise to the apex of the culinary world should come as no surprise, having been seasoned by several of the world’s most renowned chefs. His training, skills and creativity led him to where he was hired as the company’s Executive Chef for its original foray into dining, opening FIX Restaurant & Bar at Bellagio in June 2004.

The success of Fix later led Massie to open other endeavors including STACK Restaurant & Bar, Diablos Cantina, Red Square, Citizens Kitchen & Bar and Bianca in Miami Beach. In Fall 2014, he opened Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, a restaurant centered on refined rustic cuisine, seasonal ingredients and fine wine.

A craft-driven chef by trade, Massie has also been given the honor of cooking at the prestigious James Beard House in New York, and his food has been praised by celebrities, athletes, acclaimed chefs and former United States presidents.

As Executive Chef in Las Vegas, Massie captains five of the cities most approachable restaurants, where he oversees concept development, cooking, menu offerings and overall management of the restaurants.

His passion for food instilled at a young age, Massie studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and worked for renowned chef Lidia Bastianich at her three New York restaurants: Felidia, Becco and Frico. Later, he apprenticed for Guiltier Marchesia at his Bella Vista Vineyards in Erbusco and Annie Floydee at Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence.

With his reputation highly regarded, Massie was sought by legendary restaurateur Charlie Palmer, who hired the young chef at his flagship Aureole restaurant in Manhattan. Massie later helped bring Aureole to Las Vegas and was eventually hired as the Executive Chef atCharlie Palmer Steak, which won Wine Spectator’s Award for Excellence during his tenure.

But as celebrated as he is as a chef, Massie is still a guy who’s just as comfortable cooking a James Beard dinner as he is entertaining guests on the Strip or in his own backyard. “More than anything, cooking is about passion,”he said, “no matter who you’re cooking for.”

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